MetaMask Wallet Connect

This article describes the steps needed when you are having issues connecting your MetaMask wallet to the Quick Intel Web and Mobile apps.

MetaMask connection issues can sometimes occur when you do not complete the read-only transaction signing process, which validates your wallet. It is a known issue but is fairly easy to resolve.

πŸ“˜ Instructions

Let’s walk you through some steps to see if MetaMask is simply waiting for you to approve the signing:

  1. Go into MetaMask (mobile app or web extension as appropriate)

  2. On the connected wallet, click on "Activity."

    1. If you see just one unapproved request, click it and sign (you should now be connected)

    2. If you see multiple unapproved requests:

      1. Click on the bottom "Signature request" (where it says unapproved), and it will open up a signature request message

      2. Click "Reject"

      3. Continue rejecting the unapproved requests till there is just one request remaining

      4. Click the last remaining unapproved request and then sign

        1. If the issue is not resolved, then reject that one as well and attempt reconnecting

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