Tiers & Benefits

Information related to Quick Intel's tiers and features available in each. (Subject to change)

While we encourage users to purchase QKNTL tokens to gain Tier access as tokens provide additional benefits unavailable to subscribers, we understand that some people would rather pay monthly or quarterly. As such, there are two ways to gain Tier access:

Purchase & Hold QKNTL Tokens: How To Buy

Subscribe with fiat or crypto: https://app.quickintel.io/account?sub=true

*Note: Users must connect their Web3 wallet for verification for all tier assignment

Basic - Free

  • The free tier is available to ALL users and does not require the user to sign-in

  • Quick Intel Scan safety scanner via Web, Telegram Bot, Discord Bot, and mobile iOS and Android apps

  • Basic yes/no flags with no additional DYOR helper benefits

Basic Plus - Buy & Hold $50 QKNTL Tokens or $4.99/month

  • Everything included in the Basic tier

  • Identification of the contract functions that prompted the audit result beyond the simple yes/no scan results, and expanded scan details like suspicious actions and external actions

  • Collabland Telegram Group for advanced use of the Quick Intel Telegram Bot (Token Holders)

  • View contract-embedded Social Links on the scanner

All Access - Buy & Hold $250 QKNTL Tokens or $12.99/month

  • Everything in the Basic Plus tier

  • Full Token Launch Dashboard Access

  • Swaply benefit (to be announced soon)

  • ShadowShield AI, which leverages AI to predict the likelihood of a scam

  • AI code explanation in scan results and a standalone AI explainer

  • View what whales have purchased a token on the Quick Intel Dashboard

  • No ads in the Collabland Telegram group (Token Holders)

  • Remove ads from Quick Intel dApp

  • Access to see a token owner's previously created projects

  • Access to beta testing of new features

  • Access to social voting features on the Quick Intel Dashboard (future enhancement)

  • Alpha Wallet Tracking (future enhancement)

  • Wallet analysis (future enhancement)

  • Wallet Profit/Loss (future enhancement)

  • Mobile App notifications (future enhancement)

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