Bridge (ETH <> ARB)

This article describes how to bridge your QKNTL tokens to and from the Ethereum and Arbitrum One chains.

Quick Intel's bridge is a tool for transferring your QKNTL tokens between the Ethereum and Arbitrum chains. Quick Intel ONLY recommends using our in-app bridge!

Using any other bridge may result in the loss of your tokens.

πŸ“˜ Instructions

  1. Navigate to the bridge section with the Quick Intel dApp.

  2. Ensure the wallet where you hold your QKNTL tokens is connected, and you have selected the Ethereum Mainnet or Arbitrum One network in your wallet.

  3. After connecting your wallet, ensure you are bridging from the correct chain. In this example, we are bridging from Ethereum to Arbitrum One.

  4. Enter the amount you would like to bridge.

  5. When bridging Ethereum to Arbitrum One, you must perform an approval transaction first. This step is not needed when bridging from Arbitrum One back to Ethereum Mainnet.

  6. After the approval transaction has been completed (if needed), select Bridge to the selected chain and approve the transaction.

  1. Once the transaction has been completed, your balance will be updated after a few seconds, reflecting your bridged assets. Congratulations, you have successfully bridged your QUICKI tokens!

Note: Bridge times and gas fees will vary depending on network activity. Bridge times usually take anywhere from 30-90 seconds.

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