Information related to Quick Intel's roadmap. (Subject to change)

Phase 1

  • Launch QUICKI on Arbitrum
  • Launch QUICKI Scan dApp
  • Launch QUIKCI Scan Telegram Bot
  • Release QUICKI Tiers for Dashboard and Telegram Bot extra features
  • Start Marketing

Phase 2

  • Launch QUICKI Dashboard (Arbitrum Only)
  • CG/CMC Listing
  • Expand Dashboard to ETH, CORE, and other chains
  • Assess additional chains to add
  • Start Ads on QUICKI Telegram Bot
  • Wallet Distribution feature enhancement
  • Revamp Website

Phase 3

  • Release iOS and Android Apps
  • Incorporate Google Bard AI to explain suspicious code
  • Expand the use of Artificial Intelligence on QUICKI Data
  • Expand Ads to QUICKI Dash
  • Secure Initial Partnerships
  • Expand Marketing

Phase 4

  • Add Profit/Loss tracker to Dashboard
  • CEX Listing
  • Tracking New Contract before LP is added feature enhancement
  • Expand Partnerships
  • Expand marketing