Information related to Quick Intel's tiers and features available in each. (Subject to change)
Subscribe here: https://app.quickintel.io/account?sub=true *Note: Users must connect their Web3 wallet to subscribe, as subscriptions are tied to the connected wallet. Purchase $QUICKI Tokens here: https://quickintel.io/buy

Basic - Free

  • QUICKI Dashboard access to search for tokens
  • QUICKI Scan safety scanner via Web, Telegram Bot, Discord Bot, and mobile iOS and Android apps

Basic Plus - $4.99/month or $50 QUICKI Tokens

  • Everything included in the Basic tier
  • Dashboard Top Tokens
  • Access to Rewards Platform (Token Holders)
  • In-depth analysis of hidden malicious code beyond alerting and expanded scan details like suspicious actions and external actions
  • Collabland Telegram Group for advanced use of QUICKI Telegram Bot (Token Holders)
  • View contract-embedded Social Links on the Dashboard

All Access - $12.99/month or $250 QUICKI Tokens

  • Everything in Basic Plus tier
  • Full Dashboard Access
  • AI Enhancements in scan results, like Code Explanation and Scam Type Forecast
  • Access to social voting features on QUICKI Dashboard (future enhancement)
  • View what whales have purchased a token on the QUICKI Dashboard
  • No ads in the Collabland Telegram group (Token Holders)
  • Mobile App notifications (future enhancement)
  • Access to see a token owner's previously created projects
  • Wallet Profit/Loss
  • Access to beta testing of new features
  • Remove ads from QUICKI dApp
  • AI Tools
  • Alpha Wallet Tracking (future enhancement)
  • Wallet analysis (future enhancement)