View Snap Scan Results

Viewing Scan Results

Let's go through the various bits of information and break it down!
Token Details
  1. 1.
    In this section, you will have information like the Token Name, Token Symbol, Contract Address (for validation of contract interaction), and whether the Contract has been verified or not.
The next section is broken down into 2 sections.
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    This is the Warnings section. Here you will get a count of the number of warnings identified, and what each warning was returned.
  2. 3.
    This is the Caution section. Here you will get a count of the number of caution items identified, along with each warning item returned.
A link to view a Full Audit directly on the Quick Intel dApp.
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    With this, with each audit result, there will be a link that can be used to go directly to our dApp and view the full scan results in-depth.
While the Quick Intel Snap is meant to provide users with a quick and seamless way to identify potential risks in tokens they may be buying, it is always recommended to do further research when possible.
Full Audit result details can be viewed below.
Note: Quick Intel does not offer financial advice. All results shown are for educational purposes only.