Quick Intel Audit Full

Quick Intel Audit Full

This full audit is the preferred method for most as it returns the full audit data along with honeypot check data.

Select "API" and expand the "postGetquickiauditfull" endpoint to view the parameters required for the request.

After selecting the endpoint, you will see the requirements, along with the ability to try it out directly from the browser.

  1. This will be the full URL endpoint to leverage along with the type of request (GET, POST, etc)

  2. This outlines the data needed to make the request.

    1. chain - The chain from the list of supported chains by Quick Intel.

    2. tokenAddress - The contract address for the token you are performing an audit on.

  3. This is an example format that can be copied to be used.

  4. The try it out button lets you test the request directly from the browser.

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