Read results of Quick Intel Scan - Telegram

There are 5 core sections in the results of the scan, which we will dive into.

Section 1

In this section, it'll return the results if it is detected as a honeypot, if it doesn't seem like a honeypot, or if there are warnings you should be aware of and investigate further. Note: We can not guarantee any results are 100% safe or not. We analyze and provide the data to help you make a decision, but is ultimately your decision and Quick Intel Tools should not be used for financial advice. When there is an alert for "POTENTIAL HIDDEN RUG/SCAM" Alert, this is to let you know there has been code detected linked to previous scams or rugs and you should assess the contract for malicious code.
Code Alert
In the Advanced Scans Group, the Quick Intel Bot will also let you know what piece of code is causing the alert to help you pinpoint exactly what to look for. (The advanced scan group is available to Basic+ Tier and above.)

Section 2

Here you will get all the information about the token. Quick Intel Scan will return the following information where available on that token scanned.
  • Buy and Sell tax
  • Locked LP on supported LP Lockers
  • Max Transaction and Max Wallet
  • Total Supply
  • Burned Supply
  • Circulating Supply if it is different from the total supply
  • Creator of the contract
  • Owner of the contract
  • If the token contract is renounced
  • If the token contract is verified
  • Age of the contract
  • Embedded contract links (Basic+ Tier feature)
  • Top 5 holders' wallet distribution

Section 3

In this section, if there is market data on the token, it will display this information below.
  • Token LP Pairing
  • Liquidity in USD
  • Market Cap in USD
  • Age of the Liquidity Pair

Section 4

In this section are the results of the Quick Intel Audit, which checks the contract for the below.
  • Hidden Owner
  • Can Mint
  • Can Burn
  • Can Blacklist
  • Can Whitelist
  • Can Update Taxes/Fees
  • Can Update Max Wallet
  • Can Update Max Transaction
  • Can Pause Trading
  • If Trading Cooldown is available
  • Can change fee wallets

Section 5

This section contains buttons for ease of use for further analysis. The buttons contain the following.
  • Buy - If not detected as a honeypot, will show a "Buy" Button which takes you directly to the DEX with the prefilled token information.
  • QUICKI Dash - This will take you directly to the token on the Quick Intel Scanner where you can find additional information.
  • Explorer - A link taking you directly to the token on the chain-specific explorer.
  • Chart - Link that takes you directly to the tokens chart.